Custom Training

Tailored to Your Needs. Delivering Your Content.

Customize our Courses
Vino 101 can customize our existing content for your operation and its beverage education needs. Add information on your wine list or custom cocktails. Include step-by-step instructions on your order of service for wine. Whatever the need, our team will work with you to integrate the desired material(s) and confirm that the instruction is built for students to easily learn and internalize the concepts.

Vino 101's custom content pricing is as follows (for adding pages to existing courseware):

  • $995 for 5 pages of custom content (with at least 3 interactive pages)
  • $1495 for 10 pages of custom content (with at least 5 interactive pages)

Create Custom Courses for Your Operation
Vino 101 can also build courseware specific to your operation and its educational objectives. We will work with you to create interactive training specific to your budget, policies, concept and need.

You can benefit from the ease and value of e-Learning- without having to invest in R&D or technology infrastructure. Let us help.

Please contact us to discuss pricing for company-specific projects.

Customized Content For: