Intro to Wine™

e-Learning for Foodservice & Hospitality

Intro to Wine™ provides your employees with the essential knowledge they need to communicate and sell wine to your customers and guests. Whether tasked with recommending a glass of wine, outlining the characteristics of a varietal, pairing a bottle with six entrees or simply describing a wine from Tuscany- this course will equip your staff with the vocabulary, confidence and knowledge they need to be helpful and educated beverage professionals.

Intro to Wine™ provides a comprehensive and entertaining introductory beverage education for foodservice and retail employees. We lay the foundation on which you can build with your operation's specific beverage offerings.
The beverage education of an employee is an on-going process. We see Intro to Wine™ as the mandatory, critical first step in that progression.

LMS Features

  • Allows for the streamlined networking of locations across an entire company
  • Provides for seamless, real-time tracking of employee progress Training Administrators
  • Generate reports with aggregated training information
  • Download, save and print training information- (by employee, location, job function or store) to any standard spreadsheet program

Lesson Overview

  • Lesson 1: Wine Basics
  • Students explore how wine is made, how to read a wine label, and characteristics of wine such as color and appearance, nose, fruit, taste, tannin, balance, length and finish.

  • Lesson 2: Grape Varietals
  • Students learn general information about the major grape varietals of retail and commercial wine sales. This lesson also covers the specifics of predominant flavors, aromas, styles and how to pair wine with food. Sparkling and dessert wines are also explored.

  • Lesson 3: Wine-Producing Regions
  • This lesson details the major wine-producing areas using animated maps and colorful illustrations. Geographic characteristics and styles are also noted here.

  • Lesson 4: Sales & Service
  • This lesson uses video and high resolution photographs to demonstrate the correct way to open a bottle of wine and/or Champagne. Students learn how to serve wine and are taught about the correct glassware to use, how and why to decant and proper temperatures. Valuable tips to recommend and sell wine more comfortably are also shared.

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