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Vino 101, a Foodservice Training Portal company, is serious about beverage education and has created engaging, student-centered beverage training courses to aid our clients in improving their beverage sales and service. Your restaurant or retail staff will learn the essentials of how wine, beer and spirits are made, how to serve alcohol correctly and how to pair wine, beer or spirits with food- ensuring your customers enjoy what they're drinking.

We Make it Easy.

Our comprehensive, online instruction on the topics of wine, beer and spirits make it affordable, convenient and efficient to implement our training solutions.

Our approach to training is simple- make it interesting, interactive and flexible. If you take your beverage program seriously and see it as an important part of your operation's sales and service, we want to work with you.

We Get Results.

We provide a comprehensive and entertaining beverage education for restaurant and retail employees and assist you in creating a consistent beverage knowledge standard across your operation. Our courses will equip your team with the vocabulary, geography, details, confidence and knowledge they need to be helpful and educated beverage professionals.

About Us

Vino 101 is a beverage education firm, specializing in online training applications. Since 2006, over 600,000 employees have participated in our restaurant and retail wine and beer & spirits training programs. Our courses have made it easy to create a knowledge standard across organizations while positively impacting the beverage sales of thousands of clients. We only want to work with operations who recognize the value and potential in their adult beverage programs and want to provide their patrons with a superior beverage experience. From recommendation and service to pairing and consumption- we want to make your beverage program a highlight of your customers' overall experience.

What We Do

Ideal for your restaurant, neighborhood tavern, wine shop or retail store.

Expert Sales & Service Tools to Increase Your Employees' Knowledge & Your Profitability.

Vino 101's online courses are designed to promote your beverage program and allow you to support your business demands and quickly disseminate high quality sales and service infomation. These restaurant and retail wine, beer and spirits programs are delivered via our Learning Management System (LMS)- a flexible, scalable platform that tracks and networks all of an operation's training information. We also offer customization that allows our clients to tailor content to better fit within their type of business and employee needs. You can now take advantage of all of the benefits of e-Learning for your beverage program- without all of the research, development and hosting costs associated with the technological set-up.
*Source: Technomic, Inc.

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39%of Customers
Think Their
Server Knows
About Wine*
87% of the Time,
Influence an

Content can be accessed from any device- laptop at the restaurant, iPad at home, phone on-the-go.

Are you interested in seeing an increase in beverage sales?

Do you see your staff as guest/customer advocates?

Are your beverage offerings thoughtfully selected to provide your customers with a variety of quality choices?

If you answered "Yes" to these questions,
Vino 101 can help you improve upon the sales and service of alcoholic beverages in your operation. Our mission is to provide the foodservice, hospitality and retail industries high quality, cost effective, and easy to integrate online training solutions. Let us help you.

Our Solutions*

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Vino 101's courses make it easy to deliver high-quality, consistent beverage solutions to your employees.

How It Works
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3. Manage training, generate reports and print Certificates through our robust LMS.

Available in 2 Versions: Either for Dining or Retail Operators

Intro to Wine™ is an engaging, student-centered training course designed to improve wine sales and service. Your staff will learn the essentials of how wine is made, how to serve it correctly and how to pair wine with food- ensuring your customers enjoy what they're drinking. Implementation of Intro to Wine™ demonstrates your operation's commitment to a professional wine program.
Key Takeaways:

• Understanding of the Major Characteristics of Wine

• Knowledge of the Major Grape Varietals

• Recognition of the World's Important Wine-Producing Regions

• Improved Sales Acumen: Pairing with Food & Suggestive Selling

• Instructions for Proper Service

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Rich, vivid descriptions by a knowledgeable staff member can increase sales by up to 27%.*

Intro to Spirits™ provides your staff with the essential knowledge they need to serve and sell distilled spirits and mixed drinks to your customers and guests. Key Takeaways:

• Overview/How to Use the Most Commonly

Ordered Spirits

• How-To's for Popular Cocktail Recipes

• Improved Sales Acumen: Bartending

Techniques, Pairing with Food & Suggestive


• Directives for Responsible Service

*Cornell University Hotel & Restaurant Study, 2018
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In 2018, 43% of legal-drinking-age consumers
drink craft beer- up from 35% in 2015.*

Intro to Beer™ provides a comprehensive education for
foodservice and retail employees as it relates to beer. We
lay the foundation on which you can build with your operation's
specific bottle and tap offerings.
Key Takeaways:

• How Beer is Made

• Styles & Characteristics of Beer

• Improved Sales Acumen: Bottle, Draught & Craft

• Directives for Responsible Service

*Nielsen, 'Craft Beer Insights Poll', 2018

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Track Completions. Print Certifications.

Use your account's Admin access to login at any time and print reports, certificates or research completions.

Use Notifications & Digital Archiving.

Receive notification emails when certificates expire. Eliminate binders and folders of printed Certificates with digital archiving of all course completions.

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$597/30 students

Beverage Suite

  • • Includes Intro to Wine™, Intro to Beer™ & Intro to Spirits™
  • • $300 discount when you purchase ALL 3
  • • 1 year
  • • Unlimited technical support
  • • Digital Archiving of Certificates & Employee Training Records
  • • 24/7 Report Generation for Admins
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Or purchase courses individually . . .

$299/30 students

Intro to Wine™

  • • 1 year
  • • Unlimited technical support
  • • Digital Archiving of Certificates & Employee Training Records
  • • 24/7 Report Generation for Admins
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$299/30 students

Intro to Spirits™

  • • 1 year
  • • Unlimited technical support
  • • Digital Archiving of Certificates & Employee Training Records
  • • 24/7 Report Generation for Admins
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$299/30 students

Intro to Beer™

  • • 1 year
  • • Unlimited technical support
  • • Digital Archiving of Certificates & Employee Training Records
  • • 24/7 Report Generation for Admins
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Looking for more? — Vino 101 can customize our existing content for your operation and its beverage program. Add content on your wine list, custom cocktails or menu pairings to our existing courses. Our team will work with you to integrate the desired material(s) and confirm that the instruction is built for students to easily learn and internalize the information. Contact us

Who We Serve

Our recipe for success is simple- provide great products and great service and it will yield great results.

Foodservice & Hospitality

Restaurants, Hotels/Resorts, Counter/QSR Operators & Country Clubs
Provide your staff with the information and resources they need to effectively describe and recommend the right wine, beer or spirit to your guests- and then serve it properly.

Educational Institutions

Bartending Schools, Colleges, Universities & Culinary Programs
Prepare students for the professional foodservice/hospitality environment with foundational beverage knowledge and sales and service essentials. Whether learning to bartend, earning a culinary arts degree or earning CCM certification, Vino 101 provides the tools they need to be beverage professionals.


Grocery, Wine Shops/Bars & Beverage Distributors
With content designed specifically for the retail/sales environment, beverage knowledge is paired with strategies for suggestive selling and food/alcohol pairings.

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